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Former Position

Postdoctoral Fellow | 2017 - 2019



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French Geological Survey

Orléan, FRANCE



My research focuses on developing and applying Monte Carlo sampling methods to solve complex (non-analytical, non-gaussian, non-linear) problems. I am working on several research projects in the fields of civil engineering (Particle Filtering for online Structural Health Monitoring), and seismology (Markov chain Monte Carlo inversion of seismic data for imaging the Earth's interior).


[2019]  A Kernel-based Method for Modeling Non-Harmonic Periodic Phenomena in

            Bayesian Dynamic Linear Models

            Nguyen, L.H., Gaudot, I., Shervin Khazaeli and Goulet, J.-A.

            Frontiers in Built Environment. Vol.5, i.d.:434090

            [PDF] [EndNote] [BibTeX] [DOI link]

[2019]  Uncertainty quantification for model parameters and hidden state variables in

            bayesian dynamic linear models

            Nguyen, L.H., Gaudot, I., and Goulet, J.-A.

            Structural Control and Health Monitoring. Vol. 26, Issue 3, pp.e2136

            [PDF] [EndNote] [BibTeX] [DOI link]

Mickael Bonnin, Sebastien Chevrot, Ianis Gaudot, Meric Haugmard, Pyrope Working Group, Upper mantle deformation beneath the Pyrenean domain inferred from SKS splitting in northern Spain and southern France, 2017, Geophysical Journal International

Ianis Gaudot, Eric Beucler, Antoine Mocquet, Martin Schimmel, Mathieu Le Feuvre, Statistical redundancy of instantaneous phases : theory and application to the seismic ambient wavefield, 2016, Geophysical Journal International [PDF]

Ianis Gaudot, Eric Beucler, Antoine Mocquet, Melanie Drilleau, Mathieu Le Feuvre, Non-linear inversion of noise cross-correlations using probability density functions of surface waves dispersion, AGU Fall meeting, 2015, San Francisco, USA [PDF]


Ianis Gaudot, Listen to the Earth's hum for imaging and monitoring, 8th multidisciplinary school on complex systems, October 2016, OSUR, Rennes, France [PDF]


Ianis Gaudot, Analysis of seismic ambient wavefield cross-correlations - Application to the tomography of western France, 2016, Ph.D thesis, LPG, University of Nantes, Nantes, France [PDF]

Ianis Gaudot, Eikonal versus 2D ray tracing surface wave tomography, 2012, Master thesis, ISTerre, Joseph Fourier University, Grenoble, France


Ph.D, Seismology | 2013-2016
   University of Nantes
   Nantes (France)
Master's degree, Geophysics & Petroleum geosciences | 2010-2012
   Joseph Fourier University | University of Oslo
   Grenoble (France) | Oslo (Norway)

Bachelor's degree, Geosciences | 2007-2010
   University of Strasbourg
   Strasbourg (France)

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