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Ph.D candidate | 2018-2023


B-431.1 Main Building

Ecole Polytechnique

Montreal, Canada


M.Sc., Civil Engineering | 2010-2012
  Sharif University of Technology, Iran
  Thesis title: A Tilt of a Surface Rigid Circular Foundation Due to an Inclined Buried Point Load in a Transversely Isotropic Half-Space.
  Advisor(s): M. Eskandari, H. M. Shodja

B.Sc., Civil Engineering | 2003-2010
   Islamic Azad University, Iran



Title: Probabilistic Decision Making for Structural Health Monitoring − Reinforcement Learning Approach

Summary: My research focus on developing probabilistic frameworks addressing two objectives: (1) detecting anomalies and quantifying their detectability using reinforcement learning paradigm (2) designing economically viable measurement systems in uncertain contexts.


[2021]  Anomaly detection using state-space models and reinforcement learning

            Khazaeli, S., Nguyen, L.H. and Goulet, J.-A.

            Structural Control and Health Monitoring. Volume 28, Issue 6, e2720.

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[2019]  A Kernel-based Method for Modeling Non-Harmonic Periodic Phenomena in

            Bayesian Dynamic Linear Models

            Nguyen, L.H., Gaudot, I., Shervin Khazaeli and Goulet, J.-A.

            Frontiers in Built Environment. Vol.5, i.d.:434090

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